HOLBROOK, AZ – In the early morning hours of Saturday, December 15, 2018, Navajo County Deputies responded to the 1800 block of Artist Draw in Overgaard, AZ regarding a possible disorderly subject at the residence. Deputies contacted a 21-year-old male described to be having episodes of strange and violent behavior along with suicidal ideations.

While speaking with the male subject he began going in and out of consciousness. Deputies called for EMT’s to respond due to a possible medical emergency occurring with this subject.

The NCSO Sergeant on scene is a trained EMT and when the subject would lose consciousness, he would also begin to lose his pulse and have strained breathing. The Sergeant recognized this as signs of a possible opioid overdose and administered a dose of Narcan to the victim. The male subject immediately responded and became conscious for several minutes and then relapsed to going out of consciousness again. The sergeant administered a second dose of Narcan and the victim once again regained consciousness. The victim then told Deputies, “wow you just hit me with Narcan”.

After receiving the second dose, the subject began exhibiting disorderly behavior. This type of behavior is common in persons who overdose on opioids and then get it blocked by Narcan. The subject had to be secured and when EMT’s arrived on scene, he remained secured and was transported to the hospital where the Sergeant also accompanied the ambulance crew due to the patient being aggressive and disorderly. Deputies later learned this subject had been using heroin and had attempted to overdose with heroine.

Navajo County Deputies were issued and trained in the use of Narcan in 2016. As the opioid overdose crisis continues, Navajo County and the nonprofit Sonoran Prevention Works have teamed up to stop preventable deaths. Since 2016, Sonoran Prevention Works has worked with the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, Winslow Police Department, Little Colorado Medical Center, and Nexus Coalition for Drug Prevention to distribute 4,198 doses of naloxone, with 185 reported overdose rescues.

Sheriff Clark would like to recognize and thank the Deputies and who responded on Saturday morning as well as Sonoran Prevention Works for providing the equipment. This is a great example of a partnership that is working and saving lives. Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is committed to combating the opioid epidemic occurring in our country and training Deputies to help save lives within our county. This too is a great example of the exemplary work of Navajo County Deputies going above and beyond there duties.