Holbrook, AZ: Saturday morning (12/29/2018) 2 husky mix dogs gained access to a fenced area in Lakeside killing and injuring several Alpacas. The husky dogs killed 4 adult Alpacas and 1 calf. The dogs also attacked 3 other Alpacas causing serious injury which the owner of the Alpacas is worried their injuries may lead to their death as well.

In the early morning hours, the Lakeside rancher was alerted by his own dogs barking so he went outside to investigate and discovered 2 husky mix dogs attacking his Alpaca heard. The rancher shot and killed both dogs protecting the rest of his heard from injury. The Rancher called the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

Navajo County Animal Control and Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to the scene to investigate. The dogs were collected by Navajo County Animal Control for further investigation while Deputies are attempting to locate the owner of the dogs. The Sheriff’s Office is also investigating that one of the dogs had been microchipped and will provide more information into the proper ownership on the dog. The owner(s) of the dogs may be facing criminal charges for criminal damage and dog at large.

Sheriff KC Clark would like to remind the public, Navajo County has a dog ordinance in place which requires dogs within Navajo County to be on a leash or inside a completely fenced yard at all times.

Owners of dogs killing and attacking livestock, pets, property or people can be held liable for the damage, death or injury inflicted upon others. Navajo County Sheriff Office would also like to thank Navajo County Animal Control for their assistance in the investigation.