Holbrook, AZ: On 01/29/2018 the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office met with the Forest Service in reference to the recent deaths of (7) horses in the Heber area. Investigative techniques were discussed, and we were briefed about the actions that the forest service is currently taking to verify the deaths of the wild horses.

At this point in the investigation the lead investigating agency will be the National Forest Service and the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office will be sharing information and assisting their agency as the information is received and provided to the Sheriff’s Office.

We are encouraging anybody with information about the deceased horses in the Heber area to contact our confidential We Tipp line at 1 (800) 78 Crime which is available 24 hours a day.

Additionally, if anybody should locate a deceased horse near Heber we are asking the public to notify our agency immediately, so we can secure the location of the deceased animal and contact the forest service for their response.

At this time in respect for the agency investigating the death of these horses the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office is not at liberty to comment on an ongoing case for another agency.

All further media inquiries will be directed to the PIO for the Forest Service.