Holbrook, AZ; On Friday 02/15, the Navajo County Sheriff Office, Sheriff David Clouse, received a very generous donation that would enhance the safety of our Deputies within Navajo County.

A Phoenix based rifle manufacturer, KE Arms, donated 8 patrol rifles to be issued to Deputies in the field. The owner of KE Arms, Mike Kenny, wanted the ability to give back to local communities that often struggle with budgetary items specifically as it relates to Deputies being equipped with satisfactory equipment to respond to dangerous situations.
Mike Kenny met with Sheriff Clouse and donated eight brand new fully equipped KE patrol rifles to the Sheriff’s Office. KE arms continued to go one step further and also agreed to offer their specialist to assist with the training and implementation of these rifles with our patrol staff. This wasn’t Mikes first donation to Navajo County. Mike has continually supported the Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff David Clouse.

Sheriff Clouse was overwhelmed by the offer from Mr. Kenney and his business. Sheriff Clouse stated, “With our current budget shortfalls would have never even consider this type of purchase, most of our deputies carry their own equipment and don’t have the ability to carry this type of precision equipment, I am truly grateful to K&E Arms for their assistance with the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office and our Deputies”.