Holbrook, AZ: On March 29, 2019 at approximately 8:21 pm, NCSO Deputies responded to a report of a male subject attempting to break into a residence located in White Mountain Lake, Show Low, AZ, which is within Navajo County jurisdiction.

The homeowner told Deputies he and his wife were sitting in the living room when they heard a loud banging at the rear kitchen door. He then got up and went to the back door and saw a male subject pounding on the door with his fist. The homeowner said the suspect was pounding so hard he was surprised the glass didn’t break. The male was yelling that he wanted to see his girlfriend, the home owner told the suspect multiple times the girlfriend did not live there and whoever he was looking for was not there and that he needed to leave.

The make subject then broke through the pet door, reached up and tried to unlock the door knob. The homeowner grabbed his arm to prevent him from unlocking the door. The suspect pulled away and backed away. He then picked up some large rocks and started throwing them at the house. One of the rocks broke through the kitchen door window. The homeowner continued to yell at the subject to go away, announced several times, 20 or more times, over and over, “I have a gun and I will shoot you”, and that he would shoot him if he did not leave. The male subject appeared to be out of his mind and kept yelling for his girlfriend.

After that the male subject reached through the broken window and unlocked the back door. As the door was opening, the homeowner fired his pistol one time, a bullet went through the door where he thought the male subjects’ legs would be, in an attempt to stop him. The bullet went through the door and through the suspects leg. During all this, he continued to open the door and enter the home after being shot. After the second or third step he fell to the floor, within the home and started to crawl into the kitchen area. While crawling into the kitchen he continued to yell for his girlfriend.

The homeowner continued to tell him to stop and get out of his home, the subject continued to crawl into the home. The homeowner put his gun down and held the subject down until deputies arrived on scene.

Upon our deputies arrival the suspect was belligerent and refused to be identified.
Our criminal investigations unit responded to the scene and processed the residence.

The suspect was identified as:William L. Hansen

This investigation is ongoing, and a follow up press release will be completed as more information is obtained. The suspect has not been arrested and criminal charges are pending. The suspect was transported to the hospital last night for the gunshot wound to the leg.