Holbrook, AZ: On Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Navajo County Sheriff’s Deputies conducted a small-scale operation to attempt to locate possible leads or suspects in the areas east of Snowflake and south of Concho Highway. Deputies were following up on burglary investigations going back to early February. The Deputies saturated the area known as The Ranch of the Golden Horse and returned to the area where several search warrants were served in February and March of this year.

Deputies located possible criminal activity around the 4000 block of Sorrel Rd and made contact with Cody Muder of Shumway, AZ. During the investigation, Cody was found to be in possession of a truck and trailer displaying fictitious plates. The VIN information was checked, and both the truck and trailer were determined to be stolen from two separate burglaries the Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating.

Cody was arrested for possession of the stolen vehicle and trailer and other stolen items. Upon his arrest, a personal amount of methamphetamine was found in his possession. Cody was booked into the Navajo County Jail for the charges of theft of means of transportation x 2, and possession of a dangerous drug.

Cody Muder W/M 51 years of age

Sheriff Clouse stated: “I’m very proud of the work our Deputies are doing with these recent burglary investigations. The arrest of Cody Muder ties back into the arrests of William Towel and Jamie Wingfield from February 2019. Deputies have continued working these cases and kept a vigilant eye out for others involved in these crimes. We will always take an aggressive approach to those committing crimes within our communities”.
Sheriff Clouse would also like to remind the public they can contact WETIP at 800-78CRIME or the Sheriff’s Office at (928)532-6060 or (928)524-4050 with information on a crime. Callers can wish to remain anonymous.