Holbrook, AZ: January 29, 2020 Deputies were dispatched to gunshots being fired into an occupied residence by the victims live in girlfriend. The suspect had fled the scene prior to Deputies arriving. While en-route to the residence, deputies passed a vehicle matching the description the victim provided. Deputies stopped the vehicle and initiated contact with the suspect. 49 year old Shawna Neseth of Holbrook arrived at the residence intoxicated requesting to come in and retrieve her belongings. The victim refused to allow her into the residence, that is when Shawna brandished a weapon and fired at the door, discharging three rounds into the home, narrowly missing the victim. Shawna Neseth was arrested and booked into NCSO Jail on Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon x3, Disorderly Conduct Involving a Weapon with Domestic Violence and Discharging a Weapon into an Occupied Structure x3.