Arizona Total: 179,497 | New Cases: +15,670 in the Last Week (2,974 less than previous week)

COVID-19 Update for Monday, 8/3/2020
Total cases: 179,497 +15,670 in the Last Week. -2,974 compared to previous week.
Estimated active cases: 84,944*
Estimated recoveries: 90,774*
Deaths: 3,779 +475 in the last week. -45 compared to previous week.
Overall mortality rate: 2.11%
7 day average of new daily cases: 2,239 Weekly trend: -424
14 day average of new daily cases: 2,452 Two week trend: -701
Navajo County: 5,284 +206 in the last week.
Apache County: 3,084 +164 in the last week.

*This number is an unofficial estimate based on several assumptions related to hospitalization rates and recovery times, which were informed by data available to date. These assumptions are subject to change as we learn more about COVID-19.