Rules and regulations established by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

A valid Arizona fishing license is necessary.

Lakes below allow 1 electric motor

Almost all locations are good for rainbow trout

Mogollon Rim Lakes and streams:

Bear Canyon Dude Creek

Black Canyon East Verde River

Canyon Creek Haigler Creek

Chevlon Lake Horton Creek

Chevlon Creek Knoll Lake

Cholla Lake Long Lake

Christopher Creek Soldiers Annex

Clear Creek east Willow Springs

Clear Creek west Woods Canyon

Clear Creek Reservoir

Show Low to Luna Lakes and Streams: (WMAT- White Mt. Apace Reservation)

Acker Fool Hollow Lake

A-1 WMAT Georges Basin

Becker Horseshoe Cinega WMAT

Big Bear Lake (Shush Be Zhze) WMAT Hulsey Lake

Big Lake Lee Valley Lake

Black River part WMAT Little Bear Lake WMAT

Bog Lake (WMAT) Little Colorado River

Bootleg Lake (WMAT) Luna Lake

E. Fork Black River Lyman Lake Closed Feb 22 2010

W. Fork Black River

Bunch Pacheta Lake WMAT

Carnero Lake WMAT Nelson Reservoir

Christmas Tree Lake WMAT Rainbow Lake

Concho Lake Reservation Lake

Cooley Lake R River Reservoir

Crescent Lake Scotts Reservoir

Cyclone Lake WMAT Show Low Lake

Drift Fence Lake WMAT Silver Creek

Earl Park Lake WMAT Sunrise Lake WMAT

Hawley Lake WMAT White River WMAT

Woodland Lake

Fishing the Blue: Access: Blue River flows alongside FR 281. A number of access points are available from this road. Some people put in as far upstream as the confluence of the Campbell Blue and Dry Blue. FR 281 ends 21 miles below this confluence. From this point the Blue has no roads leading to it for approximately 20 miles.

For access to the downstream end of the remote Blue River run, drive 65 miles south of Alpine on U.S. 666 to Juan Miller Campground. Turn easy here on FR 475. It’s 12.5 miles to the river.
Facilities: Two campgrounds along the Blue River.

Bait, tackle, and supplies in Alpine.

Whiteriver Lakes and Streams link:

Whiteriver recreation use information link:

Fishing More Information:

Fishing for Catfish?:

Fool Hollow

Lyman Lake Closed Feb 22 2010

Rainbow Lake

Scott Res.

Show Low Lake

Woodland Lake

Lakes that allow 10 HP Gas Motors:

Black Canyon


Clear Creek Res.

Lyman CLOSED Feb 22,2010

Luna Lake

Fool Hollow

Show Low Lake

Willow Springs

Woodland Lake

Lakes that allow all gas motors, Jet Skis and Water skiing.

Lyman Lake CLOSED Feb 22, 2010

Clear Creek Res.

Lakes popular for ice fishing (Check with local Forest Office for lake conditions)

Big Lake, Crescent Lake, Willow Springs Lake and Woods Canyon Lake usually freeze but roads are not cleared.

Luna Lake and Nelson Reservoir have easy access but do not always freeze.

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